New Publication Edited by Dr. Helene Perdicoyanni-Paleologou

Our Metropolis is happy to announce that a member of our staff, Dr. Helene Perdicoyanni-Paleologou is the editor of the recently published book, “The Concept of Madness from Homer to Byzantium – Manifestations and Aspects of Mental Illness and Disorder.”

 The volume aims to shed light on a wide array of aspects and variations of madness from the time of Homer to the seventh century AD.

The contributors are highly-regarded scholars in the humanities coming from a number of diverse fields including history, medicine, classics, philosophy, and theology.  They attempt to explain how the Greeks and Romans conceptualized diagnosed and treated mental illness and mental disorders. The thorough, detailed and interdisciplinary examination that results illuminates and gives a richer picture of the medical and cultural history of madness in the period.