Invitation From Metropolitan Methodios To Take Part in the Annual Greek Independence Day Parade in Boston

To the beloved faithful of the Metropolis of Boston

My dear brethren,

I write to invite you to participate in the Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos and the Anniversary of the Greek Revolution. I urge you all to take part in this year’s Festivities which will conclude with the Parade in Boston on the 7th of April, as an expression of support for our brethren in Greece who are struggling on account of the continuing recession in the Greek economy.

The message of the Greek Revolution activated and excited the hearts of the enslaved and produced countless heroes. The patriotic activities and the meaning of freedom reached sensational dimensions in the collective consciousness for successive liberating expeditions. Identifying themselves with the fate of their land, victims of many attacks, mutilated and  blood-stained, enslaved externally, but free internally, the Greeks stood up for the sake of their struggle on the rugged mountain terrain and the rocks of their islands. The Greek revolutionists identified with the flag of their country, the place which vibrates from the souls of their ancestors.

My dear brethren, when we realize that the Greek Nation has been in constant communion with the spirit of 1821, then we will be always inspired from its multiform lessons for a steadfast and authentic life. Let us become sincere admirers of this heroic people who derived its strength from its historic roots and beginnings, the mythical and heroic heroes, the fighters of Marathon and Salamis, the Classical and Tragic authors of Antiquity, the defenders of the borderlands and the martyrs of our Faith.

I look forward to seeing you all in the parade in Boston on April 7th, that we may manifest our vision for a dynamic Greek-American Community, our own family, our own children, the future of the Omogeneia.

With paternal love,

+Metropolitan Methodios




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