Orthodox Christian Spiritual Formation

Orthodox Christian Spiritual Formation

Our role is to prepare an environment that nurtures the sensitive period of spiritual formation and to present Liturgical and Biblical materials that invite the children to respond to God’s love. The teacher is the link to the prepared environment as she reads the Holy Bible, asks contemplative questions, and shows the children how to use the materials. The children are free to repeat the activities, to retell the bible stories, and to proceed to other connected activity for each carefully selected Parable, Biblical Narrative, Prophecy, Hymn, Prayer, Gesture, or Liturgical Event. The applied Montessori Method prepares the children to manage themselves in their classrooms. They have the opportunity to practice and master their physical activity as they move carefully and speak softly while they work. As a result, children become able to still themselves in church and during prayer. Their relationships with God are fostered as they participate in the life of The Church with greater awareness and familiarity.

Course Location
Hellenic College
50 Goddard Ave.
Brookline MA 02445
Two Week Intensive Course
June 18, June 29, 2012
Monday Through Friday

With the blessing of Metropolitan Methodios of Boston Catherine currently offers training at Hellenic College in Brookline for Sunday school, Preschool, and home schoolteachers at the 3-6 age level, while she continues to work toward expanding the program to include older age groups as well.

Catherine Varkas, Director

Nationally Accredited Teacher Certification School of Higher Learning -A Non-For Profit Organization

Hellenic College Alumni Board
Palm Harbor Montessori Teacher Education Center
2355 Nebraska Ave.
Palm Harbor, Florida 34683


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