Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Board Elects Officers for 2011-2013

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos held its first meeting for the 2011-2013 term under direction of Chairman of the Board, Metropolitan Methodios.  The Board elected the following officers:


Metropolis President – Philippa Condakes

1st Vice President – Frances Levas

2nd Vice President – Georgia Lagadinos

Recording Secretary – Jane Deimezis

Corresponding Secretary – Eleni Pantelis

Treasurer – Diane Stamatopulos

Assistant Treasurer – Alexandra Coios Dimou

Advisor – Diane Miminos


Additional Board members include:  Helen Quinn Argeris, Georgia Amanatidis, Vicki Helali, Kiki Feldmar, Eleni Giannakis, Eleni Glaropoulos, Frances McInnis, Barbara Orlando, Stephanie Panagos, Marianne Phelan, Eleni Stamboulidis, Maria Tamvakologos, and Cleopatra Tsolas.  The Oath of Office will be given at the St. Andrews Vespers Service at the Cathedral Chapel on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.


His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios urged the Board to move forward and find new ways to help those in need, to expand our existing ministries and reach out to all.  A priority of the Board will be to redesign the Metropolis Philoptochos Website, and to obtain as many email addresses of members as possible to facilitate the dissemination of information. 


The Metropolis Philoptochos Board’s Workshop for Chapter Officers and Members will be held on Saturday, November 19 at the Metropolis Center, 162 Goddard Avenue, Brookline, MA.  Registration forms will be mailed to the chapter presidents and will also be available on the Metropolis Philoptochos Website.


Metropolis Philoptochos meeting minutes September, 24, 2011


Meeting was brought to order at 9:49AM.

Metropolitan Methodios opened the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.


All new and old members introduced themselves.


Members in attendance:  Philippa Condakes, Frances Levas, Georgia Lagadinos, Jane Deimezis, Eleni Pantelis, Diane Stamatopulos, Alexandra Coios Dimou, Georgia Amanatidis, Kiki Feldmar, Eleni Giannakis, Eleni Glaropoulos, Frances McInnis, Barbara Orlando, Marianne Phelan, Eleni Stamboulidis, Cleopatra Tsolas, Helen Argeris, and Diane Miminos.


The suggestion was made by the Metropolitan that the same board is kept for the next two year term.  A motion was made by Kiki Feldmar and seconded by Marianne Phelan.  The decision was unanimous.


The executive board for the 2011 to 2013 term is as follows:


President:                                 Philippa Condakes

First Vice President:                  Frances Levas

Second Vice President: Georgia Lagadinos

Treasurer:                                 Diane Stamatopulos

Asst Treasurer:                         Alexandra Coios Dimou

Corresponding Secretary:         Eleni Pantelis

Recording Secretary:                Jane Deimezis


In his opening remarks, the Metropolitan stated that new ideas need to be brought to Philoptochos.  We need innovation to attract more Philoptochos members.  It was stated that one of the ways to attract younger members was to create a web site that truly reflected the actions of Philoptochos.  This should include a master calendar of all monthly events, minutes from the Metropolis Philoptochos meetings, and resources such as social services among other items.  It was decided to form a committee to oversee the web site content.  This committee will include Jane Deimezis, Eleni Stamboulidis, and Philippa Condakes. Father Ted will help initially to post items to the web site. The philanthropy at Pine St Inn and hopeFound should be continued and increased.  Georgia Lagadinos will look into dates for service at Pine St Inn and also possibilities of serving at some of their satellite locations. Local chapters need to be reminded to help in their local communities. 

All Philoptochos chapters should be encouraged to obtain email addresses of all members.  This point should be stressed at the new officer’s workshop.  In addition, if the chapter president does not have email, there should be a designated member of each executive board to receive emails. It was suggested that we also have a quarterly bulletin to be posted on the website and emailed to each chapter.

Diane Stamatopulos, Treasurer, stated that we currently have $30,122 in our regular checking account.  CD current value is approximately $56,000.  Social Services account currently has approximately $ 9000.00.  It was voted at the last meeting (May 14, 2011) to move funds from the CD to bring Social Services account balance up to $25,000. Arrangements will be made with Eleni Pantelis to take $11,000 from the CD and move it to the Social Services account


Correspondence: Read by Eleni Pantelis, Corresponding Secretary

Invitation to hopefound benefit at Fairmount Copley Thursday, October 13

Invitation to Webster Philoptochos “Tea” Saturday, October 15 at 2PM (Barbara Orlando will attend).

 Invitation to New London Philoptochos, annual Appreciation Luncheon following                                        Divine Liturgy, Sunday, October 16 Philippa Condakes to be Key Note speaker, (Marianne Phelan will attend).  Secretary Pantelis agreed that she will scan all invitations when they arrive and email to the board.


Future dates agreed are all reflected below.  Jane Deimezis agreed to type the minutes by Tuesday, September 27, 2011 to get them posted to the web site.


Meeting adjourned at 10:55AM

Important dates:

Saturday, October 1 Clergy Laity Conference/ Maliotis Center


Thursday, October 13 hopeFound benefit at Fairmount Copley


Saturday, October 15 Webster Philoptochos “Tea” 2PM (Barbara Orlando will attend)


Sunday, October 16 New London Philoptochos, annual Appreciation Luncheon following                                        Divine Liturgy, Philippa Condakes to be Key Note speaker, (Marianne Phelan will attend)


Saturday, October 29  Metropolis Philoptochos meeting 9:30AM


Sunday, November 6 Reception to honor Sophia Nibe, place to be determined 4-6PM


Saturday, November 19  Philoptochos New officers workshop registration 8:30AM /Metropolis Center


Tuesday, November 29 St Andrews Vespers, Cathedral Chapel, Metropolis Philoptochos Oath of Office will be given 7PM, set up 4PM


Wednesday, November 30 St Andrew Divine Liturgy


Saturday, December 3 National Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon, Old Greenwich CT



Respectfully submitted,


Jane Deimezis, Recording Secretary

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