The Angelo & Aliki Bassett Infirmary is dedicated at the Methodios Faith and Heritage Center


On July 17, was yet another historic day for the St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center.  It began with the celebration of the divine Liturgy at the Chapel of St. George presided by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and celebrated by Fr. Ted Barbas.  Over 175 campers together with their parents, participated in the Services and received Holy Communion.

           The chapel was filled with the voices of our campers who chanted the divine hymns led by Michael Sintros and the camp staff.

           Following the Divine Liturgy, the new infirmary building was dedicated.  This beautiful edifice was donated by Peter and Stephan Basset and their families in honor of their parents Angelo and Aliki Bassett.  Metropolitan Methodios spoke about the great legacy of Faith which Angelo and Aliki passed on to their children and grandchildren.  Following the door-opening ceremonies, Peter Bassett offered the following remarks on behalf of his family:

            “Your Eminence, thank you for the opportunity today to dedicate this gift in the name of the parents of Stephan and myself.

            Campers, you all are here in part to celebrate your faith and heritage.

            This makes you smart – you are learning that in our heterogeneous society, your faith and heritage are an important part of the foundation of your well being , and a powerful source of your ability to contribute to your personal growth and to your society.  It is this lesson that Angelo and Aliki Bassett taught their children and grandchildren. The pride with which they spoke of their faith and heritage to all in our diverse society, informed in a powerfully positive way those of different backgrounds, and engendered respect for our traditions and us as a people.

            And Angelo and Aliki Bassett did more than speak. Their leadership role in the pioneering efforts to build a new generation of Greek Orthodox churches, to strengthen our Metropolis and Archdiocese, and develop sustaining organizations serving our community taught us a great lesson about life itself.

            Our faith and heritage far outlast the objects our economic success can buy. When we lead our lives in accordance with the principals of our faith, the true gift of our journey, so evident to all, is the joy with which we relish the challenges of each day. This is how we bounce back from adversity – from the constancy and optimism of or our world view, we see new opportunities and have the reserve strength to seize them. And this is how we share our great successes– in the spirit of helping others.

            In some small way, Angelo and Aliki Bassett would be grateful if, as you pass by this small but nurturing space, you keep in mind these principals in the hope that they will serve you well in your journey too.”

            Following the ceremonies everyone enjoyed brunch in the camp cafeteria and toured the Retreat House and Faith & Heritage Center.


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