Metropolis Dance Troop Members Decorate Christmas Tree

As they do every year, members of the Metropolis of Boston Dance Troop visited the Metropolis Center last week and decorated the large Christmas tree in the Center's foyer.  Dr. John Pappas, the Director of the Dance Troop, and many parents accompanied the youngsters who sang the kalanda for His Eminence and the office staff.  They then decorated the tree.  His Eminence thanked Dr. Pappas and the parents for their dedication and for encouraging the children to participate in this cultural program of the Metropolis.  He told the group how proud he was because as he traveled across the country and Greece, people were complimenting the performances of the Metropolis of Boston Dance Troop.  His Eminence gave each youngster a Christmas tree ornament and they all enjoyed fellowship and Christmas cookies and cider.  Following the decorating of the tree, the members of the Dance Troop gathered for  their annual Christmas Party at the Cathedral Center where they and their parents enjoyed fellowship and pizza!

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