Stewardship Training Seminar Inspires Clergy and Lay Participants

His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios welcomed the more than 100 participants from throughout New England at the Dormition parish in Somerville, MA on Friday, October 1 where the Metropolis of Boston held a Stewardship Training Seminar titled “Come and See…”   Bill Marianes and George Matthews, members of the Archdiocesan Stewardship Team, engaged with the participants and presented tools for effective Stewardship programs.  They stressed the importance of the alignment of Priest, Parish Council and Stewardship Committee in the pursue of responsible and effective stewardship.  Those in attendance will now have the opportunity to bring the valuable lessons learned to their individual parishes to promote and enhance the true meaning of Stewardship. 

The day-long seminar was designed specifically for clergy and lay leaders involved in the Stewardship Programs of their communities.   It offered training sessions where ideas and the best stewardship practices from various parishes were shared.  Successful techniques were explored and ideas for their implementation were suggested.  A “How to” session showcased and highlighted the many resources of the Archdiocesan Office of Stewardship Ministry with suggestion on “how to” use these materials in the parish setting.