The Metropolis of Boston Hosted A Reception Honoring Mayor Thomas Menino at the St. Nektarios Church in Roslindale, Sunday, December 22nd

The Metropolis of Boston hosted a reception honoring Mayor Thomas Menino on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at the St. Nektarios Church in Roslindale Massachusetts.  His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios expressed his gratitude for the love and support Mayor Menino provided for the Greek Americans during his tenure as Mayor of Boston.

Below are the Metropolitan's Remarks to Mayor Menino during the reception:

We gather today to say a sincere, heartfelt thank you to you, Mayor Menino, for your years of public service to this historic city.  We come today to celebrate your legacy of achievement and your visionary leadership.

We thank you for being a man of faith—a man who brought change to this city.  You were successful in transforming Boston into one of the greatest cities of our nation.  While others may have been called “Mayor of America”, we Bostonians—especially the Greek American community—believe that Tom Menino is the Mayor of America!  Thanks to your visionary and innovative leadership, every neighborhood in the city improved dramatically during your years of service. 

You were successful because you did not sit in your office, but spent—rather you invested your time—in the neighborhoods listening to the concerns of the people. You rebuilt this city block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.  One of those was Roslindale where you are loved and revered by all.  Another was the South waterfront which you transformed into a new hub for high tech firms, for retail, new housing and restaurants. 

Thank you for your love for the youth of this city.  You worked to improve the public school system.  You urged businesses to provide summer jobs for young people…..I can go on and on, but I just want to end by thanking you for what you have done for the Greek American community.  Had it not been for Mayor Tom Menino we would not have had the Greek Independence Day parade which you have personally attended almost every year.

May you enjoy a blessed Christmas with your family.  May the newborn Savior be born in your heart this Christmas bringing you peace, love and joy in the new year.

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