2011 Metropolis Clergy – Laity Conference News


Over 300 delegates and observers representing parishes gathered at the Maliotis Cultural Center for the Clergy Laity Conference of the Metropolis of Boston.  The theme of the conference was, “The Ministries of the Church:  Archdiocese, Metropolis and Parishes.”

          Following the keynote of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios, various departmental heads of our Archdiocese and Metropolis addressed the delegates concerning the ways in which the Parishes are assisted by the National Church to meet the spiritual needs of our parishioners throughout New England.


To view pictures of the Clergy - Laity conference please click here.


The agenda included the following presentations:

 Archdiocesan Ministries:

 Information Technologies                 Theo Nicolakis                    

Stewardship, Outreach                       Fr. James Kordaris

        and Evangelism

Religious Education                            Dr. Anton Vrame

Marriage and Family Ministries           Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Philoptochos Ministries                      Aprodite Skeadas &

                                                                  Philippa Condakes

Parish Development                           Jerry Minetos

Parish Management                            Nick Sialmas

        Software Initiative                                                                                                                                                

Archdiocese Administration               Anthony Stefanis


Archdiocese and                                 Jerry Dimitriou             

        Metropolis Finance                     Ted Speros &

        Reports                                       Angelo Stamoulis

 Metropolis Ministries:

Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The Metropolis of Boston Camp

The St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center

The Retreat House

The Philoxenia House


Old and New Business                        D. Moschos  

          The delegates were encouraged to engage in dialogue with all those who presented reports, asking whatever questions they had in mind. Among the items on the agenda was the election of three delegates to represent the Metropolis of Boston at the Archdiocesan Council as well as the election of 16 delegates to serve on the Metropolis Council together with 8 additional members to be appointed by Metropolitan Methodios.


Draft of By-Laws

Among items listed as new business, Demetrios Moschos, legal council of the Metropolis, presented a draft of proposed Parish By-laws for the individual communities of our Metropolis.  Many communities either did not have their own By-laws, or those which they had were outdated.  Many requested assistance in preparing legal documents which would address the legal issues of the local parish.  This draft of the local By-laws can be down-loaded from the Metropolis website.



          The following clergy and laity were unanimously elected to serve on the Metropolis Council and Archdiocesan Council.  Their term of office begins after the upcoming Clergy Laity Congress in Phoenix Arizona July 1-4, 2012.


Candidates for Metropolis Council 

Mark T. Adam

George Alexis

George E.  Danis

Theodore Dimacopoulos

Stephen S. Kalivas

Theodore Menounos

Theodore Speros

Eleni Vidalis



Rev. George Dragas

Rev. Andrew George

Rev.  Nicholas Krommydas

V. Rev.  Makarios Niakaros

Rev.  Dean Paleologos

Rev.  Dean Panagos

Rev.  Demetrios Tonias

Rev. Phillippe  Mousis


Candidates for Archdiocesan Council

Rev. Dean Panagos

Mark Adam

Ted Speros

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