A 12-Year-Old's Inspiring Letter is a Call for All Faithful

Philoxenia House Family Celebrates Mario's (center) 19th Birthday

For the 26 years that His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios has shepherded the faithful of the Metropolis of Boston, he has instituted many programs which have greatly impacted the lives of the faithful.  He established the Philoxenia House 24 years ago, and this year the Metropolis is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Camping Ministries, a highlight of which will be the BDC/MBC Reunion at the Open House of the St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center on Saturday, July 24.

This week, Metropolitan Methodios received the following inspiring letter from a 12-year-old boy who clearly has benefited from what he has learned from his loving parents, his Priest and his Greek and Church School teachers.  His love and concern for the children staying at the Philoxenia House and his eagerness to attend the summer camp for the first time are indeed a great encouragement to all who have dedicated their lives to maintain and promote our Cultural Heritage.  The letter reads as follows:

“Dear friends at Philoxenia House,

“This is my 12th birthday and it has been a great year for me.  I have many good friends who donated at my birthday party for the children and their families.  So, please accept my contribution to help the Philoxenia House continue to help those in need.  I am also looking forward to coming to summer camp in New Hampshire this year for the first time.  I hope you all have a good summer and that God blesses you and the kids in your care.”

Letters such as this indicate a good future for our Church. They are a reminder that everyone continues to work tirelessly to ensure that the ministries of our Metropolis continue to reach out to all the faithful.

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