Metropolis of Boston GOYA Retreat

On Friday, December 21st, his Eminence Metropolitan Methodios welcomed over fifty Greek Orthodox young adults to the Metropolis of Boston for the annual Boston Area G.O.Y.A. Christmas Retreat. The retreat began on Friday evening and lasted until Sunday afternoon. Many of the youth were apprehensive about being away for three days just before Christmas, agonizing about shopping, family gatherings and last minute preparations. They soon understood, that sometimes we must challenge ourselves to break free from these worldly endeavors, in order to comprehend the real reason for celebrating the Feast Day.

The G.O.Y.A.ns received an opportunity to escape their busy everyday lives and reflect upon the spirit of the holiday by allowing the message of Christ’s birth to be etched in their minds and hearts this Christmas season.

The group had a great time with various activities such as ice-skating, fun and games, movies and a trip to downtown Boston. On Saturday, the group attended sessions where they discussed consumerism and materialism and the effects they have on our lives.  Discussions also centered on the birth of Jesus Christ and how we can tangibly live that message in this world.  That evening, the group watched a documentary titled “Project for Paperclips”, where they saw a group of junior high school children come together to help educate their small town on hatred, destruction and greed. The movie’s overall theme of how a community can make a difference in other peoples lives had a profound effect on all the retreat participants.

Sunday morning, the whole retreat group worshipped at the Annunciation Cathedral of Boston, where they were invited to Cathedral’s Sunday School Christmas breakfast. After church, there was a closing at the Metropolis where the attendees had the opportunity to share with one another what they learned and say their goodbyes.

All enjoyed the weekend, and both the staff and the G.O.Y.A.ns felt that they had learned much and went home eager to apply these new lessons to their lives.

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