October 6, 2008


To the Rev. Clergy and Faithful

of the Metropolis of Boston


My brothers and sisters in the household of God,


            Our study of Holy Scripture and the writings of the Fathers of the Church, but also our personal experience teach us that the greatest things in life cannot be purchased because the most important can only be given by God i.e., the sun and its light, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth’s beauty, love, friendship, life itself.  Being loved by God is our greatest treasure that no one can take away from us. 

            If we receive such great gifts from God, we in turn must share them with our fellow human beings.  We must give kindness, friendship and love, but also material necessities.  We must be people who give because we are people who receive.  We cannot be true to our faith if we do not share with our brethren the gifts of goodness, love and friendship.  We must share God’s abundant blessings and our material gifts with those in our communities, our towns and cities who are in need.

            Many families are suffering through the great financial crisis which our nation is experiencing.  Many are losing their jobs and their homes.  Many must choose whether to spend their resources to purchase food or to heat their homes.  Many Americans, including Orthodox brethren throughout New England need our help.

            I strongly encourage you to meditate on the 25th Chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew, verses 31-46 and be inspired to open your embrace to our neighbors each of whom is Jesus Christ in disguise.

            In addition to what I am sure every community is already doing, I encourage you to network with local private and civic agencies and programs, i.e. soup kitchens and shelters administered by local, town and city governments as well as Ecumenical Religious Associations throughout New England.

            May He Who is “our merciful and loving God” shed the light of His Presence into your souls.


                                                                                    With Episcopal love,


                                                                                    M E T H O D I O S

                                                                                    Metropolitan of Boston



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