Metropolitan Methodios is following very closely the progress of the construction of the Retreat House on the grounds of the St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center in Contoocook, NH.  The foundation has been poured and soon the framing will take place.  Concurrently contracts for various work is being negotiated, meetings with the Public Service of New Hampshire are taking place, and plans fine tuned.  During the excavation for the foundation, it was discovered that the soil is of excellent quality, a cost saving item which allowed the use of all excavated material on the roadways.  The large number of boulders that were removed from the site will allow the construction of two-tier retaining walls on each side in stone rather than concrete.  

            And so, the foliage is not the only thing that is changing daily on the grounds of the Faith & Heritage Center, our Retreat House is rising on the shores of one of the picturesque lakes of the magnificent property which has become a beacon of Orthodoxy and Hellenism in New England.  Enthusiasm is also in the air.  As groups visit our property, they express admiration for our Center and anticipation for the construction of the Retreat House.

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