Not one person walked away from this past February’s winter camp experience without a smile on his or her face.  G.O.Y.A. Winter Camp held for campers on the weekend of February 15th-18th, proved to be a true joining of the ultimate Metropolis of Boston Camp (MBC) premises of fun, fellowship, and faith.  Each person devoted to MBC, whether camper, counselor, or administrative staff member, recognizes that these three “F’s” are what make MBC so special and dear to their hearts.           

The Camp theme for 2008 was “Movies and the Bible.” Discussion sessions centered on preparing ourselves for the Lenten Season by challenging staff and campers to refocus and refigure our lifestyles according to the biblical message.   The GOYA winter camp weekend boasted over 200 campers and staff at the snow-covered campsite in Contoocook, NH. During GOYA winter camp, campers and staff enjoyed a field-trip day, which included skiing, snow boarding and tubing at Pat’s Peak Mountain, as well as Karaoke night and Greek Glendi.  Several activities held throughout each camp weekend were meant to promote cabin unity for each of the cabins; other activities provided an opportunity for fun and fellowship with the entire camp coming together and participating such as the Winter Olympics, movie night and more! 

A celebration of fun, fellowship and the Greek Orthodox Faith was marked over the weekend of February 8-10, 2008 at the Metropolis of Boston JOY Winter Camp (MBC).  The winter camp for 8-11 year old children was held at the beautiful St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center located in Contoocook, NH. JOY campers from throughout the Metropolis joined together in order to be a part of the three cornerstones of MBC: to have fun and especially enjoy the snowy outdoors; to build bonds of fellowship with other youth their age; and above all to cultivate their Greek Orthodox Faith.   

The scriptural theme of the weekend focused on Book of Psalms and how we must inwardly focus on our spiritual lives. The campers studied this in hands-on fashion within their Sounding Board and Orthodox Life sessions. Much of the weekend was spent in a variety of outdoor excitement, including a Winter Wonderland which had ice sculptures, sledding and much more.  Apart from the outdoor activities, a number of Fun and Games were played indoors in order to foster teambuilding and fellowship. Overall, the JOY Winter Camp provided an enjoyable weekend of fun, fellowship and faith for the entire MBC family.