Metropolis of Boston Youth Office Holds JOY and GOYA Retreat In Worcester

March 11, 2006 

JOY and GOYA aged children attended the “Let Your Light Shine” district retreat held at the St. Spyridon Cathedral in Worcester, MA. The Metropolis Youth Ministry Team began the retreat with interactive activities designed to engage the children. Later the JOY and GOYA groups separated and learned about Matthew 5:13-16, discussed how the good works they do can glorify God. The JOY children also completed an art project related to the theme of the retreat.

The Metropolis district retreats are designed by the youth ministry team to reach out to the children and families of our churches. The purpose of these retreats is to teach children about the Orthodox faith in a creative and engaging manner incorporating faith, fun and fellowship. It is through these retreats and the other ministries of the Metropolis that children are able to develop a relationship with Christ and grow as responsible Orthodox Christians.
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