St. Nectarios Educational Program in Sacred Heart Middle School

The community of St. Nectarios in Roslindale has come to a preliminary agreement with the Sacred Heart Middle School of Roslindale; with the blessings of His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios and the approval of Cardinal O’ Malley.  According to this agreement, St. Nectarios Parish will offer Conversational Greek and Greek Orthodox cultural lessons to Greek Orthodox students (having a basic knowledge of Greek) who will enroll Sacred Heart Middle School, starting from the School year 2014-2015.
Sacred Heart School (K-8) has an excellent academic reputation (visit their web site: helping children experience the cultural diversity of Boston in a caring Christian environment.  It is a School -in close proximity to St. Nectarios Parish- that desires to increase its student body.  The tuition for each student is approximately $5,000 per year.
There will NOT be any charge for the aforementioned Greek lessons. It is an offer of the St. Nectarios Community to all the Greek-Orthodox families of the larger Boston area (regardless of whether they are members of the parish or not).
Our partnership with a Middle School is based on the belief that the needs of the younger children are met by the Greek afternoon Schools of our Metropolis.  It is needless to say that the graduates of Sacred Heart are accepted in the best private High Schools, having made a smooth transition from elementary to high school through the middle school program [as many child psychologists would also recommend to parents].
What our Parish needs to know in the next 2 weeks is if there are enough Greek Orthodox parents willing to send their children to Sacred Heart Middle School (grades 6-8) so that we can have a minimum of students prior tomaking the preliminary agreement final.
If you are interested please contact the parish priest, Fr. Vassilios.
The Church’s telephone number is 617 327-1983 (M-F from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM).