Parish Leadership Seminars


The Metropolis of Boston presents

Parish Leadership Seminar

Creating Vibrant Orthodox Parishes

A Framework for Renewal

Fr. Jonathan Ivanoff

Director, ONCD America Certified NCD and CoachNet Coach

All seminars begin with:

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Presentation

Fr. Jonathan Ivanoff

Director, ONCD America Certified NCD and CoachNet Coach

All seminars begin with:

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Presentation

District 1:  TBA

District 2: Wednesday, June 11 - Holy Trinity Lowell, MA

District 3:  Tuesday, September 23 – St. Spyridon Cathedral in Worcester, MA

District 4:  Monday, September 22 – St. Demetrios Parish in Saco, ME

District 5:  TBA – in East Longmeadow

District 6:  Wednesday, October 22 – St. Sophia Parish in New London, CT

District 7:  Monday, October 20 – Sts. Peter and Paul in Haverhill, MA

District 8: Tuesday, October 21 – St. Gregory Parish in Mansfield, MA

District 9: TBA



Have you had a medical check-up in a while?

Most of us have. We rely on them to determine our state of health and what we may need to do to keep ourselves healthy. Annual check-ups, diet, exercise: these are all tools we use to keep ourselves in the peak of health. No one wants to be sick!

But, has your church had a check-up? We usually take our physical health seriously, but what about our churches?  How do we know if our parishes are healthy, or if there is something prescriptive that needs to be done? Good, healthy habits are difficult to cultivate in a parish that has been routinely avoiding them for years.

St. John Chrysostom once said churches are much like people. Some parishes are

healthy, some are not; some get sick quickly and heal slowly. Healthy churches have healthy habits, but sick parishes may have developed unhealthy habits over the years that may be contributing to an ever-increasing decline in the state of the parish in every way. One thing is for sure: if we do nothing to encourage the good health and thereby good growth of our parishes, while expecting them all the while to grow and thrive, we are then setting them up for ultimate failure, demise, and closure.

The upcoming Parish Council Conferences are an opportunity for parishes in the Metropolis to find out what a healthy parish is, and what tools are available to help in the diagnosis. Further, we will be talking about concrete steps parishes can then take to begin to bring a sick and ailing parish back to good health and good, God-blessed and God-given growth. Unhealthy churches, even dying ones, can be brought back to life, but only if the priest, parish councils and people are willing to adopt the changes necessary to do so. And, those

parishes already enjoying good health and growth can benefit from new ideas on how to take their parish and her ministries to the next level.

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