St. Methodios Faith & Heritage Center

Orthodox Church of America holds its 10th annual rally at MBC
Ten Parishioners from throughout the Metropolis of Boston clear trails for the Metropolis of Boston "Day of Service"
NH Highlands holds its 7th annual Scottish Dance Festival at MBC
Welcome to the St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center where our hospitality reminds you of being in a village in our homeland of Greece. We are proud to celebrate our Greek and our American Heritage. Enjoy 191 acres of woods lands nestled between two lakes with a pristine brook between them.

We can accomodate groups of all ages and sizes.
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 Flexible Programs

Plan your own event for people of all ages or we'll plan it with you: Classes, Retreats, Camps, Picnics, Conferences, Day(s) and/or Overnight, Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Seminars


Featured Buildings

The Tournas Family Recreation Hall
The interior of Condakes Refectory and the exterior of the Saint George Chapel.
  • Our 4,000 sq. ft. dining hall and multifunction room allows for our guests to enjoy prepared meals by our staff or to prepare their own meals. Please contact us about our various menus.
  • Our 2,000 sq. ft. recreation hall provides ample space for evening activities and for indoor activities on rainy days.
  • Our 2,000 sq. ft. chapel is best for church services, reflections, music, discussions, and lectures.


Featured Housing

 Our cabins provide ample space and comfort for our guests.

Combined, our new or renovated cabins can hold up to 140 people year-round

Each cabin can comfortably hold 12-18 people and all facilities are contained within the cabins



Canoeing and skiing are just two of the many recreational activities available to you through our Faith and Heritage Center.
  • Walking/Hiking Trails
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing ( for more information)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Many sports and athletic equipment
  • Toys and swing set for younger children